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About Our Grocery Store

  • Collective Market was established with a drive to provide the local community of Vancouver with fresh and organic grocery items. Our business is relatively new, and we opened our doors to customers only a month ago. We are your local organic grocery store specializing in organic produce, vegan foods, and organic chicken. We are close to Davie Street and are easy to reach. Bring your friends, family and colleagues to our store to enjoy a great shopping experience! For more information about our products, kindly send us an email.

Benefits of Organic and Vegan Food

One of the primary reasons why Collective Market is focused on bringing healthy, nutritious products to our customers is the long list of benefits derived from organic and vegan foods. Some of the benefits include:

Organic Foods

  • Grown with manure and compost instead of chemically processed fertilizers
  • Contain no or fewer pesticides
  • Fresh and do not contain preservatives
  • Environment friendly
  • Organically raised or reared animals are not given synthetic antibiotics and growth hormones
  • Such animals are not fed animal by-products
  • Have a positive impact on your mental and emotional health
  • Contain beneficial nutrients and antioxidants

Vegan Foods

  • Rich in nutrients
  • Reduce risk of cancer and other diseases
  • Boost your mood and emotional well-being
  • Help achieve an ideal and healthy body weight
  • Prevent diseases such as type 2 diabetes
  • Improve your skin
  • Reduce pain of arthritis

Our Business Goal

With an aim to achieve complete customer satisfaction, we are always dedicated to providing you with the best possible food products. We also take pride in being one of the best sellers of organic produce in the community. All our staff members are hard-working and make sure that you have a great shopping experience at our store.

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