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Fresh and Organic Food Products in Vancouver

We are your one-stop store for organic fruits and vegetables, vegan foods, vegan meat alternatives, organic chicken and dairy products. 

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Your One-stop Shop for Organic Food Products in Vancouver

When you think of having a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet, the first thing to pop up in your mind is fresh and organic food products. Since organic food products are grown without the use of harmful and toxic chemicals, more and more people are moving onto the habit of consuming only organic fruits and vegetables. Therefore, to provide our community with the benefits of such organic food products in Vancouver, Collective Market was established. We also specialize in vegan foods, daily products, and organic chicken. So the next time you plan to buy fresh grocery supplies, we are at your service! And if you have any questions related to our products, prices, or address, you can simply fill out our e-form and send it to us. We can also answer your doubts via mails or phone calls.

What’s Special about Us?

We are your new organic local market with extremely affordable prices. Since we offer our products at reasonable prices, we can help you save a lot on your budget! Besides providing you with fresh and organic grocery products, we participate in various community events such as food drives, food banks, and more. To let our customers learn more about our upcoming activities such as charity food banks, we provide our customers with flyers.

We Welcome All!

Anyone seeking organic food, vegan food, or groceries is openly invited and welcomed at our grocery store. Being one of the best sellers of organic produce in the locality, our aim is to bring you products of high quality. Visit our store now!


Reasonably Priced and Great Collection

“Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for a good community grocery store like this! This is way better than the independent. They are so reasonably priced and they have a great collection of heathy brands and really fresh produce. Plus, they sell avocados for 80 cents! This is definitely going to be my new daily grocer. Thank you for offering such a great selection!”

- Megan W.

Amazing Customer Service

“Amazing customer service, awesome inventory and super reasonable, comparable prices. I genuinely hope they prosper here.”

- Jorin Mc S.

Great Selection of Healthy Brands


“So glad this market is now here in the West End! Great selection of healthy brands that independent doesn't carry. Lots of vegan and gluten free options. Extremely friendly staff who will go above and beyond to help you. And no crazy lineups! A lot of their products are priced much better than Whole Foods too. 5 stars!”

- Chella

One of my New Favourite and go to Markets!


“One of my new favourite and go to markets! Most of the products are local, the prices are amazing! Also really good vegan and organic options!!
I loved that they have a “free” veggie basket where they put produce that it’s still good but can’t sell because it may go bad in a couple days.”

- Susana Cárdenas

Honestly I'd Give this Place 6 stars


“Honestly I'd give this place 6 stars. They have great products and so so many options for people living with dietary restrictions. They also have a great selection of vegan products! It is such a cute market, very well done! So glad they're on Davie!”

- Anika Talwalkar

Brief Offers

Do You Have a Query?

If you have any queries or requests related to our products, kindly fill out the form given below, and send it to us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Healthy and Nutritious Grocery Items

Visit our store for organic fruits, vegetables, and chicken that are highly rich and nutritious.

Community Events and Activities

We are dedicated to giving back to our local community through regular food drives and food banks.

New Deals and Fresh Savings!

Check out what’s currently on offer at Collective Market.

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